Extra Long Hiatus while redesigning game

Posted by on 8th February , 2016

As any visitor may have noticed, I have not updated Xenovoid in over a year.  This is due to a massive re-design to make the game more accessible and fun!  Hope is not a strategy but I hope to have an update out in the next few months.

Universe Servers Taken Down for Next Release

Posted by on 28th December , 2014

The next time the server(s) are online will be with the next major release. See you then!



Cleaning up the Interface

Posted by on 16th December , 2014

I am in the middle of putting polish on the Interface for the game and fixing many annoying display bugs (such as the right slider not sliding off screen!)  Once this is done, I am adding a lot more “community” features so you can see quickly what others are doing (without giving away any security details.)  After that is all done I expect to release the game to the general public.

Many of the features in development will be pushed until after the core game is ready.


The Universe has been Reset!

Posted by on 24th October , 2014


Now is the time to login and go claim your own corner of the universe!  Everything has been reset.  Enjoy!

Several updates to the Game Manual

Posted by on 31st August , 2014

I made several fixes and additions to the Game Manual.  Go to the wiki now to check them out.

Sneak Peak – Popup Hints!

Posted by on 22nd August , 2014


It has been a long time in the making but in the next release you will be able to toggle hint boxes that appear on the interface to tell you what each button and icon does!  The toggle will be in the upcoming Options scene which is activated from the Cockpit view.


New Community Forum System Online

Posted by on 15th August , 2014

Please go check out our new Community Forum system and post some messages to others, bugs, feedback for future development, etc. We will be actively engaged in the forum and look forward to your feedback to help make Xenovoid the game we all want it to be!

Ground Combat – Marine Interface Prototype

Posted by on 9th August , 2014


In the upcoming Ground Combat system you will be able to manage your squad from mission to mission.  This prototype screen shows the interface you will see when you select one of your marines during combat.

On the left side you see your marine’s current armor type (flak) and rating (50) along with the shield rating (50) and the # of moves left (4).

On the right side you see the weapons available to the marine (the red one is the current weapon) along with statistics for the selected weapon: versus flak rating, versus reflective rating, versus composite rating, shield penetration rating, armor penetration rating, damage, range, and shots per round.

At the bottom right you can see the inventory items available to the marine which will carry out a variety of “special” actions such as air-strike, regenerate health, etc.

Your marines gain experience over time and you will be able to capture alien technology to develop new weapons and inventory items.  Be careful though because if a marine dies, they are gone forever and you must recruit new ones (available at space stations.)

Sneak Peak – Manage All Planets

Posted by on 7th August , 2014


In the next release you will be able to view all of the planets you own from a single screen that is accessible from the cockpit. From the new Manage Planets scene you will see a list of your planets, the resources contained on each, and an indicator telling you if any industries are upgrading. You will be able to select a planet and travel to it as well! This makes managing your empire much easier.

Sneak Peak – Away Missions Part 2!

Posted by on 22nd July , 2014

Coming to Xenovoid is a the Away Mission functionality where you will command away teams to complete planetary missions.  Each non-colonized planet will have a certain number of missions, open to every player, and must be completed to unlock the planet for colonization.  When you accept missions you will then be taken to a tactical ground-combat scene to carry out orders and complete the missions!

In the video you can see the actual ground combat system which should look familiar to many gamers.  You take control of a squad of marines that you issue commands to such as Move, Attack, Switch Weapons, and more.  The squad improves over time (or perishes,) so treat them well!